I swore way too much. Studying at the University of Cumbria in the hope of becoming a teacher. Nineteen years old, Gilmore Girls and Frasier fanatic. Fan of other shows but these I my calling, I would looove to be Jane Leeves, I kinda wanna marry David Hyde Pierce, not that he would want to marry me due to my lack of man parts! :(

I love Amy Farrah Folwer

I kind of love this video!

Alexander Skarsgard is the shizz.

I would do anything to marry him.
he’s sexy
he’s tall
he’s blonde
he’s sexy (I know I already said that but it needed reiterating)

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What’s with all the Miranda Hart haters?

Is there really any need to comment on her appearance. If you don’t like her stop the hate comments and just turn away. Us Miranda fans happen to love her!

If you don’t know who Miranda is she’s the woman below.

She’s a comedian and in my…

Miranda is awesome and a real inspiration to tall clumsy women such as myself! :) This is all!


Some boys go to College, but we think they’re all wussies. They get all the knowledge, but we get all the…

I cut myself because I was shaving without water. And why was there no water? Because I had to move your chair, which gauged the floor, which made me call for Joe, who found bad pipes, which called for Cecil… WHO ATE THE CAT THAT KILLED THE RAT THAT LIVED IN THE HOUSE THAT FRASIER BUILT! – Fantastic line in Frasier (via sharmanrealm)

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